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At Stapp Medical Group, we hold our physicians to high standards of excellence when it comes to medical care for you and your family. Serving patients in Springboro, OH, and the surrounding community, we’ll treat every patient with great care and compassion. We offer a large number of services and treatments to address the diverse needs of our patients.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our hormone replacement therapy is an effective way to help balance estrogen and progesterone levels in women during menopause. This therapy helps to relieve symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, such as excessive sweating and hot flashes.

IV Nutrition

We also offer IV nutrition therapies so that our patients can receive the nutrients they need for healthy and functioning metabolic systems. During every therapy, our physicians make sure you’re always comfortable. 

Testosterone Pellet Therapy 

Our testosterone pellet therapy is an effective way to improve energy levels, increase sex drive, and promote a higher sense of well-being among men. This specific form of hormone replacement therapy can address symptoms, such as:

- Sluggishness  - Hair Loss  - Increased Body Fat  - Decreased Muscle Mass  - Irritability and Depression

 Ask our physicians at Stapp Medical Group if testosterone pellet therapy is the right treatment for you. 

Anti-Aging IV Drips    

Supported and administered by board-certified physicians, anti-aging drips rejuvenate the skin with antioxidants. These anti-aging IV drips are your solution for younger looking skin and increased confidence in no time. 


Hormone Replacement Therapy

IV Nutrition

Pellet Therapy Testosterone

Anti-Aging IV Drips

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